"We are a baseball-blooded family owned company with a main goal of producing unique, quality apparel, while providing a welcoming and interactive community for our fellow baseball fanatics. For the fans who aren’t afraid to cheer and show their pride. For the fans who still do the wave, as cheesy as it may be. For the fans who stand silent for the anthem with their hands on their hearts and caps on their chests. For the fans who are polite and treat the ballpark staff with respect and kindness. For the fans who aren’t too embarrassed to hug a stranger in the stands after an impeccable play or win. For the fans who keep their rude obscenities to themselves and remember that the umps are just doing their jobs. For the fans who clap for the injured and the exiting pitcher. For the fans who light up inside with the sound of the bat. For the fans who support all players, especially the ones who struggle and don’t always come out swinging. And for the fans who above all, cherish the history and true magic of the game.

For you, I present 40 Man Merch.”

-Leah Scarsone, Owner & CEO

Our Mission:

To provide high quality, baseball themed shirts for our baseball-blooded fans in a simple and professional manner.

Our Vision:

To provide our fellow diehards the ability to showcase their love of the sport through unique, personable, and (sometimes) sarcastic designs. Because let’s face it, us baseball fans are anything but boring; we’re loud, we’re fun, and we’re perfectly okay with being a little “out there.”

Our Values:

Family, Professionalism, Honesty

Strong work ethic, Passion, Embracing your true self

A cold one during a day game

Entertainment, Sense of humor

Our Objective:

To always go above and beyond to meet our customers’ needs

To only introduce products we are proud of and would wear ourselves

To always choose quality over quantity

To ensure every customer feels excited about their apparel

To maintain an interactive and user friendly website

To publish appealing ads and social media posts

To make our customers feel welcome, appreciated, and part of the family

Our Main Goal:

To instill the magic and beauty of baseball in each product we produce